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ncient languages that were once spoken and familiar around the world would have almost disappeared if it wasn’t for historians and experts working on learning these complex languages. We are lucky to live in an era with high-performance technology that helps us not only understand these ancient languages but create audio files of what the languages sounded like during the time when they were commonly spoken.

Modern languages are straightforward compared to ancient languages, thus why it is so difficult to understand them and even more difficult to speak them correctly as our ancestors intended. Such intentions are involuntary, as with the evolution of humankind, we seem to tend towards simplifying our language.

This trend is very much observed today, with each generation shortening its language through the use of phrases or acronyms. Without further due, here are what some of the most popular ancient languages sounded like.

Sound of Ancient Egypt 3100 BC – 300 BC

Egypt.Giza.Sphinx (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Sound of Ancient Rome 753 BC – 476 AD

Ancient Rome MET (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Sound of Sumerians 4000 BC – 2000 BC

Gilgamesh in Babylon (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Sound of Aztec 1100 AD – 1533 AD

Guerrera jaguar (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Sound of Ancient Greece 800 BC – 600 AD

Parthenon (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Sound of Vikings 800 AD – 1066 AD

Conversion Christianity of Viking (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Sound of Mayans 2000 BC – 1700 AD

Chichen Itza (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

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