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rom a bus accident that killed 17 passengers, to a train derailment that claimed 19 lives, and an unlucky plane crash that only he survived – Frane Selak’s incredible story of survival is one of the most remarkable in modern history. The 92-year-old Croatian man has cheated death seven times throughout his life, surviving four other brushes with death for good measure. His astounding journey of survival against all odds is an inspiration to many people around the world, proving that sometimes luck is on our side. In this article, we will explore Frane Selak’s amazing story of resilience and look at each near-death experience in detail.

Frane Selak: an overview of his incredible story

Frane Selak is an incredible 92-year-old Croatian man who has miraculously survived death seven times throughout his life. Born in 1929, he has experienced numerous near-death experiences and seen the brink of death multiple times. From a bus accident that killed 17 passengers to a train derailment that claimed 19 lives, and an unlucky plane crash that only he survived – Selak’s story is one of remarkable resilience.

Selak’s miraculous survival can be attributed to luck as well as his determination and will power – traits that have been instilled in him since birth. He is now retired but enjoys sharing his incredible story with the world, reminding us all that no matter how bleak a situation may seem, there is always hope. His inspiring tale serves as comfort to many people around the world, proving that sometimes luck really is on our side.

Selak’s seven brushes with death include surviving a bus accident in which 17 other passengers were killed; being thrown from a train while it derailed, killing 19 other passengers; and taking part in an ill-fated plane ride where only he managed to survive unscathed. On top of these three major incidents were four more close calls with mortality – such as nearly drowning after falling into icy waters during another failed plane ride – all of which he managed to escape from without any major injuries or loss of life.

Today, Selak lives an ordinary yet extraordinary life – one filled with memories of all the tribulations he has conquered over the years. He takes great pride in sharing his story with others and never ceases to amaze audiences whenever he speaks about his near-death experiences. His incredible journey through life serves as proof that luck can be on our side if we remain determined enough to keep going even through the toughest moments.

The First Near-Death Experience: a bus accident that left 17 passengers dead

On a fateful day in Croatia, Frane Selak found himself on a bus headed for disaster. The bus went off the side of a mountain road and plunged into a river below, killing 17 passengers in the process. Miraculously, Selak escaped with only minor injuries, having been thrown out of the bus by his seat belt.

His story has been deemed one of the most remarkable in history, as it is estimated that he had less than a 1% chance of survival. His escape was even more impressive given that none of the other passengers who were wearing seat belts survived. This incredible feat is credited to his determination and resilience – traits which have become some of his most notable characteristics over time.

The fact that he managed to survive such an immense tragedy has served as an inspiration to many people around the world. It serves as proof that luck can be on our side if we remain determined enough, no matter how dire the situation may seem at first glance. As Frane Selak himself said: “My life’s motto is never give up – no matter what happens”.

The Second Near-Death Experience: a train derailment that killed 19 passengers

Frane Selak’s second near-death experience was a train derailment that tragically killed 19 passengers. Selak had been travelling on the train when it suddenly derailed, throwing him from the carriage and propelling him onto a nearby haystack. Miraculously, his fall was cushioned by the haystack, allowing him to escape with minor injuries while 19 other passengers perished.

Afterwards, Selak was presented with an award for bravery by the Croatian government for his role in helping rescue some of the injured passengers. He also credits his survival to divine intervention, believing that it was not luck but rather divine power that saved him from certain death.

Selak’s story serves as an inspiration to many people around the world: showing that sometimes luck can be on our side when we least expect it. It is a reminder that even in the most dire circumstances, staying determined and resilient can help us overcome hardships and challenges. His courage has been commended worldwide, giving hope to countless individuals who wish to persevere through difficult times in their lives.

The Third Near-Death Experience: an unlucky plane crash that only he survived

In January 1962, Frane Selak’s resilience was pushed to its limits when his flight from Zagreb to Rijeka encountered a violent thunderstorm. The plane plummeted into the icy waters of the Adriatic Sea and Frane was the sole survivor of the crash – an incredible feat given his lack of swimming skills. He managed to stay afloat until he was rescued by fishermen, then needed hospital treatment for weeks afterwards due to his injuries; but he had once again defied death.

This third near-death experience in such a short space of time proved that luck can sometimes be on our side if we remain determined enough. For those feeling overwhelmed by their circumstances, Selak’s story provides hope that no matter what hardships you face there will always be something driving you forward if you look hard enough for it – whether this is luck or something else entirely.

Selak believes divine intervention also played a part in helping him survive each experience – attributing much of his success to having faith and staying focused on overcoming any obstacles no matter how dire things became. His remarkable journey serves as an inspiration that we should never give up hope and keep pushing ourselves even when times get tough.

The Other Four Near-Death Experiences: more miraculous escapes and lucky coincidences

In 1962, Frane Selak had his first near-death experience when he was struck by a city bus while crossing the street. Miraculously, he escaped with just minor injuries despite 17 other passengers dying in the accident. It was this event that began his incredible story of survival and resilience.

Six years later in 1966, Selak again survived a near-death experience after being ejected from a car during an accident. Despite the fact that no one else in the vehicle survived, Selak emerged with only minor bruises and scratches. This time it seemed luck had been on his side.

1970 saw another close shave for Selak when he nearly died after his parachute harness failed during a skydiving expedition over Slovenia. Fortunately, he managed to untangle himself in midair and landed safely on the ground moments before tragedy ensued.

Selak’s fourth close call happened in 1973 when he was one of only two survivors of a plane crash that killed all other passengers onboard. Amongst other things, this incident proved how resolve can sometimes be stronger than fate itself as Selak’s determination helped him survive against all odds.

Finally, 1995 saw yet another miracle escape as Selak’s bus plummeted off a bridge and into a river below – but somehow Frane was unharmed!

The seven near-death experiences experienced by Frane Selak throughout his life have shown that sometimes luck is indeed on our side if we remain determined enough to make it through any situation we find ourselves in. His story serves as an inspiration to many people around the world who are reminded to never give up hope – no matter what life throws their way!

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