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he historian is an important profession. Many people mistakenly believe that it is detached from reality and does not promise any job prospects, but this is not true. Studying the past involves preventing future mistakes. It helps you understand the causes of historical processes, learn more about culture, the economy, and even provides a glimpse into sociology. This article, prepared by the experts of, will help you understand the benefits of studying history abroad and also suggest some of the best universities to pursue a degree in this field.

Studying History in Foreign Universities

A liberal arts education, especially history education, is better received in countries with a rich history and culture. Many international students choose to study history in Europe. Modern history programs are often presented here in a non-standard, creative way, with an emphasis on cultural exchange.  Universities in Germany, France, Spain and Italy prepare students for the demands of the international labor market. As a result, a European history education offers prospects for cooperation with political organizations and nongovernmental companies around the world.

Abroad, universities offer high–quality historical education from the best specialists in this field – ancient history and the sciences of the ancient world, which is just not there. Students are offered an extensive scientific base, free access to valuable materials in online libraries. Educational activity will be encouraged.

If you pursue a career in the field of history, you will have various opportunities in the future. You can work in a research institute or choose to teach at a school, provided you complete a pedagogical education. You could also work in places like museums or libraries. Alternatively, you could start your own business and assist with research in archives, write articles, make presentations, or work towards the preservation of historical objects. It may be worth considering studying history abroad for better career prospects.

Top Universities with History Study Abroad

London School of Economics and Political Science (UK)

The London School is an elite English university offering a fundamental historical education. The Department of Economic History trains professionals with profound knowledge of the world economy from the medieval period to the present century. The Department of Economic History at LSE is one of the largest specialized departments with 25 teachers, scholars and researchers. A significant number of students studying in the department are now working in academic institutions around the world in teaching and research positions.

The Department of International History at LSE is one of the world’s leading research centers. It is consistently ranked in the top ten in the QS subject rankings and in the top three in the UK and Europe. The LSE has experts in political, social, cultural, religious, intellectual, military and transnational history. The students work with staff who carry out ground-breaking research in their fields and publish books and articles in leading academic journals. This means that the quality of the essays being produced by the department is unparalleled. If you are looking for a reliable and cheap essay writer company to help you with your academic work, you cand find it online.

The University of East Anglia UEA (UK)

The University of East Anglia School of History is ranked in the top 20 for program quality in the Times, Sunday Times Good University Guide 2019. The university is staffed by some of the world’s leading scholars, teachers with extensive research and practical experience. UEA History School graduates pursue careers in a variety of fields: law, public service, preservation, finance, and teaching. The university offers a comprehensive program of academic and extracurricular activities and trainings to enhance effective communication, research, analysis, and presentation of data in complex subjects. The course of study includes:

  • A series of modules spanning two thousand years: from the fall of Rome to the present.
  • Multiple approaches to the study of history: political, diplomatic, social, environmental, cultural.
  • Maximum flexibility in the courses.
  • Regular guided tours according to the programs of the chosen modules.

Swansea University (UK)

The College of Arts and Humanities at Swansea University invites students to study on two departments with a focus on history. The University offers high-quality teaching and aims to develop and encourage students’ own critical, research and interpersonal skills. The learning process includes a variety of forms: lectures and seminars, museum visits, field trips, blogging, and content creation for relevant websites.

The university maintains interaction with museums, heritage protection agencies, schools, and the media. Students participate in group works, presentations, interdisciplinary projects, and field trips. The university’s research has been commended by the Research Excellence Framework (REF) for the quality of its publications, its research environment and its impact on teaching.

Stanford University (USA)

Stanford University (USA) history courses teach the analytical, interpretive, written knowledge and skills necessary to understand the connections between the past and present. Teaching students how to evaluate sources and translate findings into persuasive analysis is at the heart of the teaching methodology. Faculty graduates pursue academic careers, working in law, public service, business, education and journalism. is a valuable source for students seeking to improve their understanding and abilities in the field of history. They offer a wide range of resources reviews that provide history research papers, sample essays, and literature reviews.

The Department of History offers the following educational programs:

  • Bachelor of Arts.
  • Bachelor of Arts and Sciences.
  • Master of Arts.
  • Ph.
  • JD/Ph.D., JD/MA.

St. John’s University (USA)

The history degree at St. John’s University gives students a comprehensive understanding of the issues and events that shape today’s global society. The program of study focuses on developing the analytical and communication skills necessary for success in most fields, including business, law, journalism, public policy and teaching. The undergraduate program at St. John’s University connects the past to the present, providing an in-depth study of American, European, African, and Asian history. Students learn skills in effective writing, critical analysis, in-depth research, and interdisciplinary thinking that are extremely valuable for future careers. The university offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in history.

University of Oslo (Norway)

The Department of Archaeology, Conservation, History at the elite Norwegian university consists of three subjects and includes more than 100 teachers (leading specialists in their field), professors, field researchers, world-class scientists. Studies at the University of Oslo are oriented to Norwegian and international students and include courses ranging from the Stone Age through the Middle Ages to the present day. The University offers bachelor and master courses in history, internships in museums and public archives, participation in exchange programs.

University College Dublin (Republic of Ireland)

The University College Dublin School of History is the pre-eminent center for Irish historical teaching and research. The School has been an essential part of the University since its founding. Today it has a large group of multidisciplinary academics who teach, research and create a rich scholarly environment for future researchers. The UCD School of History is among the top 100 history schools in the world (QS, 2018). The curriculum includes professional research programs at the certificate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. The university has one of the largest graduate student groups in the country, as well as a structured PhD program that supports high-level independent research.

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