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ne great discovery leads to another in most cases, but certain discoveries happen through what some may call destiny or serendipity. This stone that showcases Virgin Mary and what is believed to be the womb of Jesus Christ had been discovered in 1996 by a man named Ahmed Hany from Egypt.

Hany decided to keep the discovery of the stone away from the public, until now. The story behind its discovery is also very fascinating. Based on the information received from Hany, he first dreamt about the stone and how it was given to him by Virgin Mary itself. Once he woke up from the dream he felt like a different person.

Stone found in 1996 showcasing Virgin Mary pregnant with Jesus Christ (Source: Ahmed Hani)

A year later or so he had taken the same path he took in his dream and happened to stumble upon the gracious stone. Here is a small paragraph that had been given by Hany in an interview, describing his dream more explicitly as well as the discovery:

“In my dream, I saw a lot of people waiting for someone. I wanted to know who they were waiting for. There were a lot of people and they were happy and they were saying where is she. my little brother and I were trying to get into the crowd to see those who were waiting. My subconscious mind said in a dream that it is the Virgin Mary People went, and they did not see her in the dream, and they were saying that we want to see her Then my little brother and I decided to go to our house. He turned to the right to walk our way. Then I saw someone knocking on my shoulder. I was surprised that it was the Virgin Mary. There was a very white light around. She smiled and said: I wanted you to see me, Ahmed. This stone is for you, Ahmed. I put the stone in my hand.”

Ahmed Hany
From the back of the stone we can see that it is a Jasper stone which commonly originates from Egypt (Source: Ahmed Hany)

I woke up and went back to my routine again after a year and a half of this dream. I was walking in the same place where I saw the Virgin Mary. My brother was with me. My feet stumbled and fell and we found the stone and it was the biggest pleasant surprise of my life.

Ahmed Hany

Since the stone had been discovered in 1996, it has been in the hands of various experts from different museums around the world. The rock has also been examined by a senior expert in geology who confirmed that the stone is not a fake (made from an alloy) but a real stone and the depiction is amazing.

Height: 26 .57 mm
Width:17.64 mm
Depth: 12.45 mm
Weight: 5.3 grams 

The geologist who saw it said it could be worth millions of dollars based on how unique the piece is.

The stone also contains a palm tree trunk (Source: Hany Ahmed)

Besides the Virgin Mary and the womb of Jesus, the stone also shows a palm tree trunk. In Assyrian religion, the palm is one of the trees identified as the Sacred Tree connecting heaven, represented by the crown of the tree, and earth, the base of the trunk.

Taking into consideration this logic, the stone has been placed by these divine powers reminding them that they have the vision of Earth and that Earth and Heaven are interconnected.

Based on the belief of Hany as well as other experts, the stone is a sign from Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ asking the world for peace.

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