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nergy is a resource that, although it can be created in abundance, comes at a cost. With the prices of energy reaching an all-time high due to political and economic crises, people are looking for alternatives in order to sustain themselves, especially over the winter period. In a race towards saving our world from global warming, we have turned towards a greener approach when it comes to energy.

Many think the solution is to build more nuclear plants, and whilst this could be a viable solution without taking into consideration nuclear waste issues, the costs of building such nuclear plants are very high.

There have been many debates over the years, or we could argue, even within the last century, about free energy. The idea of creating electricity out of thin air seemed crazy at the time and even does to this day. The father of electricity, Nikola Tesla, first came up with the idea of free electricity and explicitly mentioned in his journal that this was always a possibility, but the capitalist society would never give something for free when they could sell it for millions.

Infinity SAV Australia has the same initiative, not only saying but showing the world that free energy does exist. This small team of engineers from Australia has a mission to revolutionize the technologies we are using today to create a better tomorrow for all of humankind.

Their first creation is the MG10, an electricity generator that only needs a small amount of energy to be started up. Once it is started, the generator can run for years on end without any source of fuel, producing 10KW of continuous electricity every 24 hours and without being turned off.

MG10 Generator (Source: Infinity SAV Australia)

The Magnetic Generator is a non-conventional revolutionary energy source exploiting quantum field properties which legitimately produces more surplus energy than it consumes. The first model to be released, the MG10, produces up to 10KW of continuous excess electricity without fuel 24 Hrs / day. Suitable for domestic and commercial installations. Effective ROI < 2.3 years.

Infinity SAV Australia
The internal mechanism of the magnetic generator (Source: Infinity SAV Australia)

The generator is extremely efficient compared to other sources of green energy, such as solar panels. Solar panel installations can produce around 9,000kWh per year, whilst the MG10 generator can produce around 87,000kWh per year. This is because the magnetic generator does not depend on a fuel source such as the sun for the solar panel set. Therefore it can run all year round.

This incredible free energy generator is announced to come out sometime in 2023, and it will be available to everyone around the world. The product can even be pre-ordered now. Based on the current consumption of average household energy as well as the cost of energy, it will take only 2.3 years to get a return on the investment in this generator.

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