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any people like myself believe that Hitler died in his bunker located inside Berlin. I myself will always believe this theory however, in the past week I have stumbled upon this declassified CIA file stating that Hitler has been seen roaming around in Colombia many years after World War II has ended. The CIA had investigated a possible appearance of Adolf Hitler in Colombia after World War II, according to information that has surfaced in the context of declassifying documents relating to the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy.

The US wanting revenge for WWII

The United States had investigated rumors that Adolf Hitler survived World War II and lived in Colombia in the 1950s. Documents regarding the investigation have been public for years, but have returned to public attention these days, in the context of the publication of approximately 2,800 secret documents regarding the assassination of the former American president John F. Kennedy.

According to these declassified documents, CIA agents received information from a former SS officer stating that in the 1950s Adolf Hitler lived in Colombia, in a community of former Nazis. Initially, the agents did not take the information seriously but later sent a report to their superiors referring to a picture. According to this note, former SS officer Phillip Citroen contacted CIA agents and informed them that he had met a man who claimed to be the former Nazi dictator.

By the time agents decided to verify the information, the suspect, Adolf Schuttlemayer, had already fled to Argentina. However, the CIA was very skeptical about the information, so it gave up investigating. According to CIA documents, the former SS officer claimed that the man he met “looked very much like Adolf Hitler and claimed to be him”. Citroen said he had met the Nazi dictator at a place called Residencies Coloniales in Tunja, Colombia, which he described as overcrowded with former German Nazis.

the picture of the CIA file with the image attached (Source: CIA Archive)

“According to Citroen, the Germans living in Tanja followed the alleged Adolf Hitler out of an idolatry of the past, addressed him with ‘Elder Fuhrer’ and greeted him with the Nazi salute,” the CIA documents read. To prove the truth, Citroen showed agents a photo of him, along with a man who looks like a former Nazi leader.

The CIA did not take the “evidence” seriously, but in 1955 a second man, codenamed Cimelody-3, told officers the same story, specifying that on repeated visits to Colombia, Phillip Citroen encountered a once a month with the man suspected of being Adolf Hitler. The latter also offered a picture to the agents, in which Citroen appears together with the man supposed to be Hitler, who on the back was identified as Adolf Schuttlemayer.

According to Cimelody-3, in January 1955, Hitler fled Colombia and settled in Argentina. According to the new information from Cimelody, the CIA drew up a report which they sent to their superiors, but they suggested giving up a possible investigation because they could not verify what the two had said and the financial effort would have been too great.

Please keep in mind that I am only presenting this information, not attesting to its validity, everyone should be their own judge on such theories.

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