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After the release of a new version of the famous shooter at the end of September, many began to think about what had changed. Some are delighted with the new version; others feared that everything accumulated in CS:GO would simply disappear. But there was no need to panic—all skins remained in place.

Users continue to use the cs market for their own purposes and enjoy the aesthetics and beauty of game items. So what has changed with the advent of CS2?

Engine differences

The first comparison between CS:GO and CS2 is the engine. The tactical shooter CS:GO ran on the Source Engine for more than 12 years. In the esports world, this is an impressive period of time. The updated version of CS2 runs on Source 2. This affects the:

  • properties of smoke and its display;
  • visual effects;
  • user interface;
  • map sounds and structures.

Purchase menu

Most of the changes in the new version of the game are invisible at first glance. But the updated interface is an exception. The main difference between CS2 and CS:GO is that the purchase menu now has a clear structure for selecting equipment. The search and selection of weapons is much more convenient and clear.

Visuals and sound

The visuals in CS2 have also been rebuilt with significant, pleasant changes. Specialists worked hard on lighting and shadows. The detailing has also improved greatly. This is especially evident in the example of shards of broken glass and the display of textures in water.

Player models

The difference between CS:GO and CS2 in player models and physics is not noticeable. Smoothness of movements has been added, which affects the overall dynamics and adds realism to what is happening.

Previously, when a player was injured, they would simply have bloody spots where they were injured. Now clothes and skin are damaged. You can also now recognize the model’s hair, muscles, and cuts to their skin.


Many skins look different after the upgrade due to color correction. Don’t be surprised if the shades and textures you’re familiar with have changed. And if you are new, then you should find the items you like in the cs2 market, depending on your preferences and budget.

Where to buy

Today there are many platforms that provide services for buying or selling CS2 skins. However, you should be careful, because there are many scammers who take money but give nothing in return. It is important to use proven platforms such as DMarket. Here you can find many skins at low prices, as well as monitor changes in the price of skins, withdraw money in a convenient way to your personal account, and much more.

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