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lants are argued to have been the first form of life on this earth and due to this, they had a lot more time to evolve into many different species with unique characteristics. Some of which have quite a similar resemblance to human characteristics. Take for example the Cambodian Nepenthes holden which has been argued by many people to have a very close resemblance to the male genitalia.

Another plant that has started to break the internet is the African Conophytum, which looks very similar to human lips. The plant comes in various species, each resembling different characteristics, such as a flower on top or leaves. This particular variant produced natural cushions that look like human lips.

The specific name of this species of Conophytum is Pygmy (Source: Reddit)

Conophytum species are single-bodied or dwarf succulents that produce cushions. The genus has small plants with succulent leaves that are 1/4″ to 2″ long. These leaves have a partial or complete center fusion. Each pair of leaves collectively referred to as the body, can be “bilobed,” spherical, ovoid, tubular, or conical. Some species’ leaves feature epidermal windows at the top. According to the microscopic form and structure of the epidermal cells, the epidermis can appear anything from very smooth to somewhat rough to hairy to the unaided eye.

Even though a plant may have dozens of stems and thus dozens of leaf pairs, in their regular, natural condition, each stem only ever contains one pair of leaves at a time.

There are in fact over 143 types of Conophytum, most of which blossom flowers, but some blossom very strange things. Conophytum pygmy can legitimately be described as a singular work of nature. This plant has leaves that resemble human lips. Its pink hue also gives the impression that lipstick has been used. Cone plant, dumpling plant, button plant, lip plant, and butt plant are some of the more prevalent names for this plant.

Nature is truly a creative artist at work, that is inspired by everything which surrounds it.

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