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nited States president Joe Biden is starting to have more concerns about the impact Russia invading Ukraine could have due to the alliance pact made by various parties involved, such as NATO. Sending troops to offer straight support could be seen as a potential threat to Russia, risking what some may say World War III. Tensions haven’t been so high in Europe in the last 30 years, as Polish representatives from NATO have stated.

Therefore the US response was to have the CIA train a new type of military force that would be better than any special military force around the world. This Ukrainian paramilitary force is being prepared to be deployed at any moment when Russia may start its invention and also fight against large waves of soldiers.

A former senior intelligence officer has said that the program also includes “very specific training on skills that will help Ukraine’s ability to push back against the Russians”. For some of you, this may look very familiar as history from the Cold War sort of repeats. During the Cold War, we had the CIA train insurgents that would combat the Soviets (Russians). As the saying goes, the enemy of my enemy is my best friend, which could very much apply in this case, especially when the relations between America and Russia aren’t very colorful.

If you think otherwise, a former CIA official says:

“The United States is training an insurgency that is specifically told how to kill Russians.”

While the covert program, run by paramilitaries working for the CIA’s Ground Branch — now officially known as Ground Department was originally established in 2014 by the Obama administration after Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Half-dozen former CIA officials had mentioned that since that event, the CIA Ground Branch paramilitaries had infiltrated eastern Ukraine to advise their counterparts there since 2015.

Anti-Russia efforts have started a lot longer than people actually thought or knew, especially since Donald Trump took over. Although his concerns over Russia’s ability to start a war were deemed down throughout his political career, the CIA still focused more and more resources to ensure that Russia would not take over Ukraine. The biggest fear the United States has of Russia taking over Ukraine is gaining back nuclear military bases from the Soviet era and putting them to use.

Vladimir Putin has been aware of the economic sanctions and other consequences he would face if Russia were to invade Ukraine. U.S. officials have denied that the CIA training program is or was ever oriented towards an offensive on Russia. These special Ukrainian troops have been trained for almost eight years in specifically combating Russia, as stated by a former CIA executive.

Over the years, the CIA training programs have been very effective at accomplishing what they have set out to do, including the programs seen during the Cold War. In some cases, these programs even helped turn the tide through the gains that were being made on the battlefield as direct results.

Ukraine officials are aware that their forces will not be able to withstand a large-scale Russian invasion. However, a former U.S. official stated that these special troops are so good that they would be able to retake whatever part of Ukraine Russia takes over. Although Russia’s military is impressive, to say the least, their economic instability won’t permit a long war.

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