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or many years it has been mentioned by many public figures about some of the atrocities that are taking place inside the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) involving small children. As this agency is considered part of America’s governmental body no one can really touch it, nor can people access files until now. For many years now reporters such as Jason Leopold and Anthony Cormier have been battling through lawsuits to get access to the files that expose CIA officers of having sexual contact with children.

The Reporters from BuzzFeed News have gone through 13 public records requests and three separate Freedom of Information Act lawsuits in order to gain access to these files. The process began in 2012 and only now have they won the case and we have all the files available online. As with all CIA files, they have been heavily redacted in order to protect any state intelligence, but if you have read a few declassified CIA files (and I have) then you know how to read between the lines.

Although in this case, it is not necessary as the information available is crystal clear as well as sickening.

Child Sex Offenders Free and still in their Position

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is the one that inspects any misconduct by employees or contractors within the CIA or any governmental agency within the United States. They were responsible for assuring that no such things have happened and for any misconduct of such kind to prosecute. Since 2004 there have been several sexual abuse cases with children within the CIA.

Those CIA officers that have been committing these awful crimes have been accused over the years, but federal prosecutors brought no charges…Here is information from within the report that has been released showing CIA officers admitted having inappropriate sexual activity with a two-year-old girl and another six-year-old.

Part of a report from the OIG representing inside information about CIA officers who have committed child sex crimes (Source: LEOPOLD CIA IG FOIA Lawsuit)

These are only two of the many children that have been most probably raped and tormented by these sick people. For years there have been talks about this but had been neglected as conspiracy theories to dethrone the government. Where here is your prove and hold on as there is a lot more. These desperate freaks would even go abroad to only have sex with underage children as contested by OIG in a report from 2010.

Part of a report from the OIG representing inside information about CIA officers having sex with an underage child (Source: LEOPOLD CIA IG FOIA Lawsuit)

The file that has been made accessible has 75 pages filled with what I can only describe as sickening information. Some of the reports within the file have been approved to be released to the public as soon as 2016, but due to the tension placed by the CIA, they have been postponed until now.

What I am describing in this article is a fraction of the crimes that have been committed by CIA members. The CIA in accordance with the FBI takes down websites within the deep web as well as the dark web. One of the most notorious things that can be found on the dark web is child pornography that based on reports from the FBI all been disposed of.

Well not really, it so happens that some of the CIA officers working on taking down websites distributing child pornography have archived the videos… Around 2012, a CIA member has admitted to accidentally viewing child pornography on a US government computer system. You can use words like “accidentally” or “potentially” but at the end of the day, we all know the truth.

Part of a report from the OIG representing inside information about CIA officers watching child pornography (Source: LEOPOLD CIA IG FOIA Lawsuit)

Again this is just one of the many reports of CIA members watching child pornography, some have even really precise and disturbing factual information. One of the members estimated of viewing over 14,000 photos of pornography on his government computer. Also, 20 videos of individuals under the age of 15. The same member also stated that he is sorry as “he did not understand that it was a violation of agency policy to access child pornography until he took the Agency Information Security Course.”

Part of a report from the OIG representing inside information about CIA officers watching child pornography (Source: LEOPOLD CIA IG FOIA Lawsuit)

Declining prosecutions

Another disturbing case is of a CIA member that had admitted to having sexual activities with a two-and-a-six-year-old (the same person previously mentioned) who also downloaded on his personal computer 63 pornographic videos of children between the age of 8 and 16.

Part of a report from the OIG representing inside information about CIA officers who have committed child sex crimes (Source: LEOPOLD CIA IG FOIA Lawsuit)

So you would think that this person would at least be given a sentence for life for what he has done or some sort of punishment, but sadly no. Assistant US Attorney from the Eastern District of Virginia US Attorney’s office had declined prosecution

Part of a report from the OIG representing inside information about a US Attorney that declined prosecution for a CIA member that has not only downloaded child pornography but also sexually abused children (Source: LEOPOLD CIA IG FOIA Lawsuit)

There is absolutely nothing to say, it is all in black and white. In some of the previous works I had been criticized for saying that the American government is corrupt, well if this does not prove my statement then nothing will. There are plenty of other reports within the file showing other cases where US attorneys are declining prosecution whilst offering politically correct answers.

Will this information change anything?

This is not the first time such sort of information has been found, but it is the first time such a big file has been made public. A few years ago the largest leak of secret information from the CIA had taken place. All of the information had been uploaded by WikiLeaks and all of the information at the time was classified.

Whilst investigating the leak, people have found out about a CIA employee who was in possession of content that represented children being sexually abused. As the employee’s name was made public, he didn’t really have a way out. His name was Joshua Schulte who worked as a software engineer for the CIA. He was charged in 2018 for the possession of child pornography, but he is yet to be charged for any sexual abuse.

The idea is that if no names are shown, the CIA can easily protect these sick people. Therefore even if all of this information is out there, not much can be done without us and the media applying pressure. We need to get the world’s attention on this matter right now before any other child is traumatized and sexually abused.

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