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esides being a class A drug and mostly illegal in all parts of the world back 200 years ago around the 1800s it was one of the best cures for the common cold or at least as historians let us know. Many blame the placebo effect as from further studies we have discovered that cocaine does not have any curing effects for a common cold. Most if not all would not use this drug for any medical purposes just because of the addiction that it causes, major severities and cases of people that have suffered various heart disses have been cured but, surprisingly, later on, died from cocaine as their addiction did not stop them from taking it even after their heart disease has been cured.

Even with all the research that has been done, we cannot speculate with an exactitude that cocaine could or could not cure a common cold. The reason for this is because of various factors. First of all the different organisms of people can have different reactions based on how they are feeling and the metabolism they have. At the same time, we need to take into consideration that the diet people were on was very different and by this, I want to emphasize on much healthier than your average diet. The organism tends to change with the diet itself, a high sugar diet will make you more tolerant of cocaine in most cases. The first person to use cocaine for research purposes was Sigmund Freud, it is true that he was also taking it to help him with his depression. Here is a link to detail some of his research on this drug.

As most of you probably wonder, how can it actually cure a common cold? Well, many do not even think of it as it may be a stupid idea however, let’s say for just the sake of it that this would be an option. Once taking cocaine the heart rate increases rapidly which means higher blood pressure, as the heart is pumping much more blood there is a higher flow of white blood cells that combat the virus that provokes the cold. The m Otherwise there would not be much sense or even point in using such a powerful drug for such a meaningless cold. Many would consider this an old treatment and when I say old I mean before knowing that this drug is addictive or could negatively affect a person.

Are there any benefits from this drug?

Cocaine can be used as a local anesthetic for surgical operations, as it has rapid numbing properties. Also, when used with other compounds to form a substance called TAC, cocaine can treat minor skin lacerations, as the drug is a very effective vasoconstrictor.

Dr. Andrew Well has studied the gastrointestinal effects of cocaine in communities across South America. “If you carefully study the molecular arrangement of the coca leaf, you will discover 14 bioactive alkaloids. Cocaine acts as a stimulant to the gut, but other coca alkaloids can have the opposite effect, inhibiting intestinal activity, “Well writes. “During the period spent in the communities of Anzi we collected many reports about the paradoxical effect of cocaine to normalize the intestinal function, and I experienced it on my own,” says the doctor.

On the other hand, it is imperative to understand that most of the time the “medicine” would be made from the coca leaves and not from the actual drug that is produced from the coca leaves. The leaves of the coca plant (Erythroxylum coca) have been used as a stimulant in South America for thousands of years. One day we may be able to find some other benefits from this formidable yet dangerous plant that creates this powerful drug.

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