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here are several accounts in the Bible of Jesus healing people who were blind. One well-known story is the healing of a man named Bartimaeus, which is recorded in the Gospel of Mark (Mark 10:46-52). According to the story, Bartimaeus was a blind beggar who was sitting by the side of the road when Jesus passed by. When he heard that it was Jesus, he called out to him and asked for mercy.

Jesus stopped and asked Bartimaeus what he wanted, and the man said, “Rabbi, I want to see.” Jesus told him to go, and his sight was restored. There are also accounts of Jesus healing a man who was born blind (John 9) and a woman who had been blind for 18 years (Luke 13:11-13).

According to the New York Post, the location where Jesus performed that miracle will be open to the public for the first time in 2,000 years!

The Pool of Siloam is located within the Jerusalem Walls National Park and in the southern part of the City of David. There is a lot of history behind the pool, not just with the biblical events that took place in the zone but also a lot of political importance for Jerusalem.

Ze’ev Orenstein, director of international affairs for the City of David Foundation in Jerusalem, told different media and news outlets:

“Despite ongoing efforts at the United Nations and Palestinian leadership to erase Jerusalem’s heritage, in a few years’ time, the millions of people visiting the City of David annually will literally be able to walk in the footsteps of the Bible, connecting with the roots of their heritage and identity,”

Ze’ev Orenstein

Interestingly enough, the public has had access to a tiny portion of the fully excavated pool for several years. The pool is now being excavated in its entirety and will either be opened in sections or all at once. It will take several years for the archaeological endeavor to thoroughly dig the pool. Visitors to the pool will have a designated area where they can see the excavation as it happens.

In the ninth century BC, the pool was initially constructed as a part of Jerusalem’s water system almost 2,700 years ago. The two Israeli organizations and the City of David Foundation concur that the building took place during the time of King Hezekia, as described in the Bible’s Book of Kings II, 20:20.

The site will be open to visitors sometime at the start of this year, be in the lookout for more news about this biblical site.

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