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have established that Black Homo Sapiens exited Africa from Aethiopia 62,000 years ago, arriving above the Arctic Circle 52,000 years ago, and obtaining their cognitive skills more than 26,000 years ago, speech with the first language being Proto-Finnic-Sanskrit (PFS) splitting into European (PSE) and Uralic (PFU) 19,000 years ago, while in their birthplace Africa, Aethiopia – the total Sub-Saharan area, then with more lush rainforest and less desert, than today – Black Homo Sapiens kept on evolving equally to those, having left due to warming climate impacting the total food supply.

We have likewise established that the orally passed down knowledge – that had been ignored by the Victors until 2017 when In Canada on the island of Triquet, the 14,000 years old civilization was discovered – will no longer be considered as “myths” and “folklore” only but instead must be positively researched, separate the nuggets of facts, hidden by the prose in how these facts were conveyed, to coming generations.

This is true for all epics – religious and non-religious – from Rig Vedas, Bible, and Koran, to the Kalevala, the Gilgamesh and the Illiad, and Odyssey.

The oldest epics that created the first language were the Rig Veda and the Kalevala, originating above the Arctic Circle and telling the same story. As the Rig Veda described the 26,000-year-long precession of the Equinoxes, it must have been recited and observed more than one period of precession, thus originated between 26,000 and 52,000 years ago, to do that.

In Sanskrit, the word for Cosmos is Brahma, and for Perfect language is Sanskrit in Sanskrit. The Ursa Major and Ursa Minor surround the Atlas North Star (Big & Small Dipper), observed by them creating two hooked crosses, which are in Sanskrit called Swastika and Sauwastika, meaning good fortune and reversed fortune. And they are called Noble, which in Sanskrit translates to Aryan.

These Aryans were black, like all humans, upon arrival from Africa. Still, long isolation living in darkness most of their lives above the Arctic Circle would remove this pigmentation intended to protect against the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

We can only from their oral stories, later written down. From the various civilizations they contributed to, describe them as philosophers and peaceful humans, they would evolve into Bon monks in Tibet and the First Vedic civilization they created together with the Dravidians on islands in the Arabian Sea 18,000 years ago, would have no temples or castles built to any religious, political or military rulers.

Aristotle (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

In more recent times, the way Greek Philosopher Aristotle conceived the concept of “god” was outside of the world, as the final cause of all motion in Nature, as the Prime Mover and Unmoved Mover of the universe. The crowning objective of all dynamic development in the cosmos is from matter to form and from potentiality to actuality. God stood outside the Great Chain of Being yet was the source of all motion and development. Aristotle did not attribute mercy, love, sympathy, and providence to God but eternal self-contemplation.  

God as the pure form was wholly immaterial and as perfect, unchanging since they cannot become more perfect. This perfect and immutable God is, therefore, the apex of being and knowledge. God must be eternal. That is because time is eternal, and since there can be no time without change, change must be eternal.

Thus when we read epics describing deities, they were not the same concept as the deities that would later evolve, most likely after experiencing the flood of such powerful destruction 13,000 years ago, caused by the Antarctic Cold Reversal Climate Change 14,500 to 13,000 years ago melting snow up in the Himalayas, then freezing into ice lakes that would melt again, until cascading down to destroy the island civilization in the Arabian Sea built on seven natural islands (like much much later Tenochtitlan in Mexico), and called Eden Paradise in India by the Koran, Garden of Eden by the Old Testament of the Jews and Atlantis, by Plato and Aristotle’s, who also wrote that the first Jewish people descended from the holy men on thud island named after the Atlas North Star.

We lost a lot of knowledge when the libraries of Alexandria burned down. Still, two things we know lay the foundation for Black Aethiopia, having been much more than modern Black Ethiopia today.

The Atlantic Ocean was known as the Ethiopian Ocean until the 19th century. It was a part of an old map showing the western coastline of Africa, where the ocean was labeled “Aethiopian Ocean.”

At that time, certainly, the British White Colonialists were well aware of Black Africas Tribal histories of which they had conquered and divided many to cement third Empirical power as Victors writing the history to serve themselves.

But already In ancient Greek “mythology” and The Histories of Herodotus, Ethiopia was described as a truly special and unique place. The “Greek gods favored the land”—the poet Homer repeatedly wrote of Poseidon visiting Ethiopia within the pages of The Odyssey.

All black Africans were known as Ethiopians to the ancient Greeks, as the fifth-century B.C. historian Herodotus tells us. Their iconography was narrowly defined by Greek artists (700–480 BCE) who showed Memnon 500-525 BCE on pottery as a Black Figure. 

The departure of Memnon for Troy. Greek, circa 550-525 BC. Black-figure vase (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

In Greek “mythology”, Memnon was a king of Aethiopia and the son of Tithonus and Eos. As a warrior, he was considered to be almost Achilles’ equal in skill.

It would be only once DNA technology became available that the Greeks would be proven to be close to not only Ethiopians but also all Sun-Saharan people instead of being close to other people around the Mediterranean. 

Plato and other known Greek philosophers not only knew this but spent all their years there studying themselves.

Not only do we know –  from French West African researchers like Diop and others, that Africans had engaged in professional mining 30,000 years ago after their migrants had left earlier, but also that as Grimaldians, had crossed Gibraltar straight 20,000 years ago, reaching the warm Basque region south of the receding ice coverage, where they would meet the one part of the Aryan tribe arriving there 18,000 years ago – but also that we very soon as fresh research is going on in Sudan with more pyramids than Egypt, that we are likely to find that Aethiopia was the true instigators of the Pharaonic Nile Empire.

Naturally, when the First Vedic Civilization, created by the Aryans and the Dravidians, was destroyed in flood, they, together with the first Jewish people leadership, fled to Axium, Meroë, and Kerma that were their only equals at that time, years before Damascus and Jericho would be created.

Aethiopia itself as a term is probably Semitic, and if indigenous, certainly so, since the Aethiopic language today is pure Semitic, like the Jewish tribes. To this day, the Abyssinians call themselves Itiopjawan. 

The Greek geographers, however, applied it to all the sun-burnt dark-complexioned races. Like the Ethiopians of the Nile, they were tributary to Persia in the reign of Darius. They were a straight-haired race, while their Libyan namesakes were, according to the historian, woolly-haired.

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