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harles Darwin had a bright mind that was able to look at the past from a different perspective. Understanding life itself from a social and biological perspective was a lot more difficult 200 years ago, especially when the best source of education on general knowledge apart from books was word of mouth. Most people recognize Darwin based on his theory of evolution which disproves any religious belief.

Besides the theory of evolution, Darwin made many assumptions during his life which many people called out as lies because they were never proven during his lifetime and this was due to the lack of technology and the proper knowledge required to prove such a hypothesis.

Most of these so-called assumptions were made in the book that he published in 1859 entitled “On the Origin of Species” where he goes into more detail to explain his main theory of evolution. Today the world of science looks at this book as the more important study within the scientific field. 160 years ago when the book was published, it had totally different reviews.

A hypothesis recently proven

Within the many different hypotheses, Darwin has made in his book, there has been one sitting there for years that everyone doubted. This theorizes that the diversity within one species will produce a larger number of subspecies in regards to the evolutionary chain. Although at first appearance you may think this is obvious, scientists were not able to prove this up until now.

The world of science functions similarly to law, only what can be proven in court matters. A similar principle applies to science where only hypothesis that can be scientifically proven through tests are considered to be valid no matter how obvious they may be. However, the test performed to prove this was more worthwhile than scientists would have thought as they found some new information.

A team of researchers from the University of Cambridge led by Anthropologist Laura van Holstein had looked at the largest database of species and subspecies of mammals in order to identify similarities between them. von Holstein recognized that this sort of research has been previously done, only on species and subspecies of birds that tend to show multiple similarities due to their biological nature.

The Conclusion made from the research is the existence of a stronger correlation of non-terrestrial mammals to create more subspecies, just as Darwin originally assumed. The study has further importance as it also outlines how factors like environmental changes, climate change, and the destruction of unique habitats can easily influence the evolution of new species.

Subspecies more common than evolving Species

The research paper had given examples of species of mammals that had new subspecies created more frequently than any evolution of the main species. For example, if we look at bats or dolphins, subspecies had been created sooner than the main species evolved.

Quite a few of the notes made by Darwin have been lost, so it is possible that Darwin himself proved this hypothesis to a certain extent, but if this were the case he would have mentioned it in the book.

The point is that disproving an idea just because our perspective does not see it in the best of light is wrong. In order to evolve as humans, we need to be able to open our eyes to all perspectives around and this is why it is so important to listen to what others have to say before making any judgments or comments.

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