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ife is simply too unpredictable, especially in this present to predict the way we are going to die. Those closer to their inner spirituality have dreams of their death but this can be driven by our subconsciousness. Many authors and interesting personalities tried to predict their own deaths, some for the fun of it and others due to a morbid mentality.

A handful of interesting figures from the past managed to predict their death with impressive accuracy. Whilst some people call it a simple coincidence, I like to think that these people had a tight connection with their inner spirituality. Without further a due let’s have a look at these souls who managed to predict their ticket to the afterlife.

Abraham de Moivre

Abraham de Moivre (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Moivre was a very well-known French Mathematician from the 18th century who specialized in statistics and probabilities his whole life. Analyzing and calculating the odds of something to occur was his expertise. Near the age of 50, he started studying how to predict someone’s date of death by using complex mathematics and social analysis.

At first, he started looking into the possible death date of some people that were willing to get a prediction, but later he started focusing on predicting his own date of death. This would take into consideration all different types of factors as well as the health of a person.

Moivre was a man of specific numbers and calculations on which he was living his life on. He would have a precise schedule for almost everything he would do, especially sleep. He would sleep exactly seven hours not a minute more or less. In 1754, when he was 87 years old he observed that he started sleeping 15 minutes more than usual.

Based on his multiple calculations he predicted that when all of those 15 minutes would add up to 24 hours he would die. He had shared this with many people and most importantly Edmond Halley who was a witness to the death. His prediction was made at the end of August 1754 and his death took place on the 27th of November 1754.

To have 15 minutes to add up into 24 hours would take 93 days, making his prediction very close if not almost on point.

William Thomas Stead

William Thomas Stead (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Stead was a businessman within the media industry during the late 19th century and early 20th century. He is actually considered the father of tabloids as he introduced them into pre-modern media. The man was also a great journalist with amazing investigation skills as his articles captured the attention of contemporary politicians.

Besides his profession and also passion, Stead had another interest. He was attracted to occultism and the fiction surrounding it. In his free time, he would write fictitious stories and one of them, written in 1886, talks about an ocean liner going from Britain to New York that collided with another ship, resulting in the death of most of its passengers as there weren’t enough lifeboats.

In 1892 he wrote another similar story but this time the ocean liner crashed into an iceberg. Stead liked to live his stories that is why he wrote them as if he was in them.

After a couple of years, Stead happened to embark on the famous Titanic and from there you get the taste of the story as did he. Sadly, Stead was one of the 1,514 people who had died on the Titanic on the 14th of April 1912. That is why many people love to argue that Stead predicted the crash of the Titanic years before it had even been manufactured.

Pete Maravich

Pete Maravich (Source: Vintage Sports Images)

For those who haven’t heard about Maravich, he is considered to be one of the best basketball players in NBA history. In an interview from 1974, Maravich declared that he did not want to play for more than 10 years in the NBA and that he would most likely die at the age of 40 due to a heart attack.

At the time he was 26 years old and had been playing with the NBA for four years. After his declaration, he kept playing in the NBA for another six years and in 1980 he quit just as he had declared.

On the 5th of January 1988, when Maravich was 40 years old, he suffered from a fatal heart attack whilst playing basketball with a few friends. After the autopsy, it was declared by medics that Maravich suffered from cardiac problems he wasn’t aware of.

It seems that this was a very decisive person that really planned their whole life.

Frank Pastore

Frank Pastore (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Pastore was a famous baseball player during the 1980s. Once he became older he shifted his career from baseball to becoming the host of a Christian radio show which was named after him in Los Angeles.

For many years he continued to be the host of this radio show and people were in love with him. One of his passions was motorcycles and it was also the main mode of transportation he used.

On the 12th of November 2012, he talked about this passion on his radio show. Many people from his audience exclaimed about the danger of driving a motorcycle to which he replied that he knows he would end up being crushed by a car on the 210 motorway no matter how carefully he drove.

The same day, after he had finished his show, he hopped on his motorcycle to drive home. On motorway 210 he ended up crashing into a car. Pastore suffered major head injuries leading to his death a month after the incident.

Mark Twain

Mark Twain (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Twain is known as the biggest American writer in history based on his numerous novels that have reached global attention. There is not much to say about Twain that hasn’t already been said to date as we still await for someone to match his writing talent.

Once again I will like to refer to the spirituality a writer has with his inner soul, especially someone of his caliber. I like to believe that his connection with spirituality not only inspired his talent as a writer but also guided him to predict his death. I say this because of the special event that occurred upon his death.

The writer was born in 1835, the same year the Halley comet passed the Earth at a very close distance. In 1909, Twain had declared that he would die the next time Halley’s comment passed by the Earth.

It is said that the Halley comet passes the Earth every 76 years. On the 20th of April 1910, the comet once again passed earth and Twain died two days after due to a heart attack.

Arnold Schoenberg

Arnold Schoenberg (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Schoenberg was a controversial music composer within the industry during the 1920s. This was due to his creation of a new style of music called atonal music. This term described the music that does not conform to the system of tonal hierarchies that characterized classical European music from the 17th century. Many people disliked this type of music.

His prediction of death, however, is quite different than the ones mentioned above. Schoenberg was obsessed with the number 13 and had this belief that because he was born on the 13th (September 1874) he would also die on the 13th of whatever year and month.

Due to this, every month on the 13th the composer would not leave his house and even inside his own home, he would be very cautious to not trip or even when handling kitchen knives.

At the age of 76, a friend of his told him that 7+6=13 so he should be careful all year round. Of course that his friend told him this as a joke, but this terrified the composer.

On the 13th of July 1951, his wife found him dead on his bed due to health complications that weren’t taken care of. No matter how much you avoid it, death will always come.

In my opinion, you should never try to predict your death date as that is not a good way to live your life. I believe that God has our whole life planned from start to finish, so that end date is already set in stone. Besides my more religious view on life and death, I hope you can understand how unpredictable life is and why it is important for us to live it to our fullest.

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