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In 2023, graphic design is experiencing a transformative phase of development driven by fresh visions and cutting-edge technologies. After all, as customer preferences keep evolving, creators should acquire new ways to enhance their work. Want to stay on top of trends and grow in the creative field? This article delves into current trends in the graphic design industry and explains how AI-based solutions reinvent the way creators approach their craft. Keep on reading!

Current trends in graphic design

Graphic design trends reflect social and cultural phenomena, connecting with a broad audience. By employing visual narratives, designers shed light on essential topics like environmental responsibility, equality, and cross-cultural interactions. At the same time, user experience remains paramount, ensuring that clear and easily understandable visuals continue to be an ever-lasting graphic design trend.

#1 Speculative design 

What is speculative design? Just think of this: human knowledge about the world is based on scientific research and facts, but what if the future is not as people imagine it to be? Our consciousness allows us to create entire worlds and invent extraordinary concepts that can potentially become a reality. These practices are known as speculative design. In essence, it’s about designing the future.

Well-known companies like Microsoft, Facebook, and Phillips are investing in this direction. One impressive-speculative design example is Google’s global space reinterpretation project, which played a role in developing touchscreens and VR technology. 

Speculative design approaches can also be utilized for social media materials. For example, picture how the world might look in the future and incorporate those imaginative concepts into your advertising creatives. Engage your target audience, asking them to share their thoughts and ideas as well.

#2 Three-dimensional Memphis designs 

Memphis design is a classic art movement that emerged in the early 1980s, characterized by its bold colors, asymmetrical compositions, and references to pop culture icons. Fearlessly creative, this style courageously blends various art approaches and challenges established norms of its time. In 2023, a new graphic design trend emerged through this creative vision, reimagining 3D geometry.

Due to the combination of vivid colors, 3D forms, and iconic characters, three-dimensional Memphis design can be effectively used in various marketing campaigns. It perfectly suits the product branding and packaging projects. 

#3 Holographic surrealism 

This trend in graphic design combines vintage and modern art styles, drawing inspiration from science fiction and technology. Holographic surrealism embraces iridescent colors, polytomous patterns, and neon lights, creating eye-catching and engaging visual materials. In 2023, designers incorporate such elements into packaging, digital design, and branding, delivering a forward-looking aesthetic that captivates audiences.

#4 Modern nostalgia 

Modern—or contemporary—nostalgia embodies a harmonious fusion of past and present. The trend seamlessly incorporates vintage-inspired typography, imagery, and patterns with a modern twist, delivering projects that evoke a sense of familiarity yet exude novelty. As one of the latest graphic design trends, the modern nostalgia style can suit IT development companies eager to highlight a sense of evolution and progress in their designs. Gaming brands can also leverage this trend to create immersive design experiences that resonate with players’ emotions and nostalgia for classic gaming elements.

#5 Brutal grunge 

The brutal grunge design style draws inspiration from punk and underground culture, allowing creators to embrace a raw and unpolished essence in their projects. This aesthetic exudes a DIY charm with its rough textures and hand-drawn feel, adding a sense of authenticity and rebelliousness to design.

In 2023, brutal grunge can be found in different graphic design directions. You can create striking music album covers, posters, and social media posts by incorporating these unpolished elements. The style’s gritty and edgy nature provides a great way to capture the essence of counterculture in marketing communications, making it an excellent choice for brands that want to stand out and appeal to audiences seeking authenticity and originality.

A new trend in graphic design reinventing the industry 

In 2023, graphic design is experiencing a monumental shift due to the rise of generative AI technology; it allows creators to generate images with unprecedented freedom and creativity. This emerging graphic design trend promises to be the next big thing in the industry. Despite initial concerns from some naysayers about AI replacing traditional art professions, the reality of things is different. AI-based solutions serve as powerful tools that complement and enhance the creative process, rather than replacing the unique vision and ideas of the creator. With the aid of generative AI technology, you can experiment with concepts and push the boundaries of your imagination.

Adobe’s release of Firefly for Photoshop is one groundbreaking example of AI progress in graphic design. This solution is a sophisticated generative machine-learning model which can intelligently fill in backgrounds, recolor artwork, add objects seamlessly, and generate complete images from textual inputs. Firefly serves as a smart assistant in streamlining design processes and helps you bring your vision to life. 


In 2023, the fundamental graphic design mission remains unchanged—creators strive to deliver a unique vision and a positive consumer experience through striking visual narratives. However, the approach to achieving this goal evolves with changing user preferences. 2023 features extravagant styles like speculative design and the edgy direction of brutal grunge. Moreover, due to the rise of AI-based solutions, creative minds can now generate any image imaginable. Contrary to concerns about design industry replacements, AI technology serves as a powerful tool, enhancing the creative process rather than replacing it. 

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