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you’re stuck in life and wish to move out of the zone where everything seems nerve-touching, then you’ve got to learn about these teachings of Jesus. Life’s unfair. But you’ve got to keep pedaling and keep moving forward. Jesus has had the same experiences, though he never stopped, which is why Jesus Christ’s teachings are still sources for many big achievers. 

You can learn Jesus’ teachings from Bible stories and parables. Perhaps Jesus’ paintings speak a lot about his struggle and suffering, which can be considered lifetime learnings. 

Plenty of sources provide Jesus’s teachings, but most of them are scattered. The good news is that we’ve collected and compiled Jesus’ teachings and presented them in this blog to help you overcome your life’s problems. 

1. Be Honest

Jesus with one hand points to the sky, and shares his teachings with his followers (Source: The Church Of Jesus Christ) 

According to Matthew 5:37, Jesus teaches us to be and stay honest in every phase of our lives. It tells us that the answer is either ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ and that anything beyond that is evil. When life hits rock bottom, we forget who we really are. Oftentimes, we embark on a journey of searching for answers, but disappointingly, we tend to forget what the questions were, which is why we end up in a situation with unbearable consequences. 

There’s always a way to overcome our fear of death, our evil selves, and societal issues. All in all, we’ve got to be honest with everyone, especially ourselves. Jesus’s teaching highlights the importance of having our words and deeds aligned with each other. No matter what we experience, how we deal with it displays our character, as honesty keeps us away from sins, which gradually take us out of bad times and move us to a place where we belong.

2. Love Everyone

Jesus shares his thoughts with his followers (Source: Testify God)

According to Matthew 22:39, Jesus teaches us to spread love to our well-wishers as well as enemies, as he also emphasizes in this part of Luke 6:27. When things don’t go the way we want them to, we become selfish to some extent. Instead of owning our mistakes, which were in our control in the first place, we blame others. 

Throughout Jesus’ ministry, poor, sick, and underprivileged people witnessed love and affection from him. If you’d ask any religious person “What did Jesus teach?”, they would probably say that the first important Jesus teaching is to have faith in God. Loving everyone is the second important Jesus lesson. Loving others keeps you positive and calm. Eventually, you realize who you can approach and how they can help you come out of the situation.

3. Don’t Love Money

Jesus holds a sheep in one hand, and a stick in the other. (Source: hearthymn)

According to Matthew 6:24, Jesus teaches us how important it is to honor wealth. But you shouldn’t cross your limit and think about money all the time. If you do, it can get you into trouble. When we suffer through a financial crisis, we rarely misinterpret the value of money, don’t evaluate the situation, and question ourselves about how we got here in the first place. The teaching of Jesus talks about loving God and not money. 

As you can’t be loyal to both, your money obsession leads nowhere but to severe and distressing places. Jesus teaches you to be aware of the power of money and obey the important commandments to have your life problems solved timely. 

4. Control Your Words

Jesus shares valuable lesson with his devoted followers (Source: The Church Of Jesus Christ)

According to Matthew 5:22, Jesus teaches us in a subtle way that we must watch our words because our bad mood can put us in an even worse zone if we don’t use appropriate words. When things go south, we get paranoid; in the worst scenario, we often say mean things just to let go of our anger.

Jesus wants us to be loving and respectful toward others, not only by our demeanor but by our speech, which makes or breaks a deeper relationship. Sometimes people do come into your life to offer genuine help. Not knowing the real ones and looking down on them can be sinful. Be it your actions or words that come out of your mouth. Being optimistic and humble is something you must learn, as it is one of the spiritual teachings of Jesus. 

5. Don’t Lose Yourself

Jesus under a tree with his followers (Source: Rainbow Token)

According to Matthew 16:26, Jesus teaches us not to lose our souls to gain something. Regardless of what or who they are, never trade your inner peace. The holy book of the Bible says nothing in the world is as worthy as yourself. When we see ourselves in a vulnerable place, we often look down on ourselves, and lose our control. But we tend to forget that there’s a God who’s superior, and who tests us in various situations, throwing good and bad things equally.

Some verses in the holy book refer to God’s presence in our lives. You can ask for help through prayers, chants, and recitations, which will show you different ways. His lessons have significant spots in various verses, books, and even in the history of paintings. Among them, these five are the most valuable ones that can help anyone overcome any obstacles and barriers.

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