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ou would think that all diseases or illnesses should negatively affect a person’s well-being and power, however, there are five diseases that whilst they do affect the health of a person also offer the person special abilities which to some extent they can be seen as unnatural abilities.

Although some of these conditions don’t actually affect the physical or mental health of a person, however, they are still classified as diseases. Whilst others can be seen more as a curse that would one day kill you because of their use.


This condition has no negative effects, but only one very positive as it allows the person affected by it to remember every day of their life with precise detail.

Whilst this is beyond incredible and you must be really lucky to have something like this it can be also seen as a curse for those that don’t have such a fortunate life.

To this day, there are only 61 people on this earth that have this rare condition. Based on further studies, these people even have the potential to remember whole pages of a book that they have read many years in the past. It should be illegal for such people to take exams due to this truly photographic memory, maybe even videographic.

Congenital Analgesia

Also known as Congenital Insensitivity to pain is a rare disease that does not allow the person affect to feel any kind of pain. All the people that have this type of disease have been born with it.

Besides this being the closest thing to an actual superpower that a human can have it is also a massive curse. Pain is natural within the body and it is there to signal that something isn’t right.

If we are unable to feel the pain that means we are unable to pay attention to the body signals which may identify the early signs of a tumor or even a failing organ for that matter.

Pain is also there to remind us that we are humans and we should not push ourselves too far over the limit as it may cause permanent harm. The people that live with this disease have to get medical checks very frequently in order to make sure that everything is ok with their bodies as they are not able to feel pain.

The Savant syndrome

This condition is very rare but predominant in those suffering from neurological developmental disorders such as autism or Aspergers. Those that are affected by this condition are extremely talented at many things such as music, art, and especially mathematics.

From further analyses of patients suffering from this condition, they have shown the ability to instantly calculate numbers, huge numbers, or guess the exact day from a random date in the blink of an eye.

In one rare case, Stephen Wiltshire who has been born with this condition was able to draw a map of London by only flying once above the capital. Although these people show incredible aptitudes in certain things, most of them are not able to speak or move properly.


This disease provokes intolerance to feel cold. This is caused when the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormones as these hormones help regulate the temperature and metabolism of a person. Therefore the body’s processes tend to slow down to the point where they shut down, not feeling a change in temperature.

Such a condition can allow the person affected to resist extreme cold temperatures. A better-known case was presented by Wim Hof who put his doctors in a mist of ambiguity as they didn’t understand at first how this was possible.

Win Hof showed incredible abilities when he resisted for 2 hours submerged in a frozen lake. He even climbed Mont Blanc only wearing a pair of short trousers and a t-shirt at -30 degrees celsius (-86 Fahrenheit).

Just as with some of the previous conditions/diseases, this can be a blessing as well as a curse because hypothermia is still something that can occur and even kill the body without knowing why.

Urbach-Wiethe syndrome

This disease which is more of a condition makes the person suffering from it have absolutely no fear whatsoever. Their mind is not able to produce fear no matter under what circumstance.

There are around 300 cases recorded of people suffering from the Urbach-Wiethe syndrome. Some of the patients living in the United States have been tested by experts to different methods of frightening them in order to show fear.

These tests included laying snakes or spiders on the tested people, showing them horror movies, or even taking them to haunted houses or other scary places. Nothing worked as the people suffering from this condition aren’t able to feel fear.

Some of these people have even stated that they have experienced terrible events in their life that would mentally mark normal people, but they haven’t felt any sort of fear. This includes being attacked with a knife by a stranger in the night.

As the mind isn’t able to produce fear, it will not allow the body to go into an emergency or survival mode, making the muscles feel relaxed and the mind as unreluctant as possible.

This just shows us that there is so much that we still don’t quite understand about the human body, as though such diseases it seems that we have a huge potential, physically as well as mentally.

The mystery of gaining such abilities without any negative side effects is still a mystery to the world of science.

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