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odern history is filled with interesting titbits and inventions that only saw utility during a certain period in history because of a specific contemporary trend. However, some of these inventions are quite absurd whilst others are quite interesting and even cool. The inventors behind these wicked inventions had a vision of solving some kind of problem that someone may have. Although they are trying to solve a problem, the safety presented by these products should be questioned.

1. Monocycle

An electrical Monocycle from 1931 (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The monocycle is something that had been created by Rousseau of Marseilles during the 19th century. Although this invention existed for a very long period of time and had been developed and redeveloped to our modern times it had never been accepted by the masses.

When Rousseau invented the first prototype in 1869, people saw it as a step down in innovation from the bicycle because it required a great deal of balance. With time the monocycle was developed for easier balance and more stable control and at the beginning of the 20th century, it was even motorized.

2. Women’s bathing suits made out of wood

“Spruce Girls” on the beach wearing spruce wood veneer bathing suits during “Wood Week” to promote products of the Gray Harbor lumber industry, Hoquiam, Washington.

In 1929 a group of women named “Spruce Girls” created a DIY bathing suit from wood and they photographed themselves wearing it on the beaches of Washington. These bathing suits were actually a movement to encourage women to make their own bathing suits as well as promoting the wood trade from Grays Harbor.

Although it attracted a lot of attention over Washington, the idea was never loved by women as they preferred the commercial bathing suits available on the market.

3. Gas resistant Baby Carriage

Woman in gas mask pushing a gas resistant baby carriage, London 1938 (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Since 1938, when the world was about to enter the Second World War, Britain wanted to be prepared for being attacked in their homeland. During the First World War, British soldiers had to face many devastating chemical weapons that left permanent scars, both physically and mentally.

Therefore, FW Mills a company from Kent, England, created a baby carriage that would protect the baby from any chemical attacks. The baby would receive fresh air through a filter that can be identified at the top of the carriage. The first time the idea was presented it wasn’t welcomed very well by the public as the carriage looked more like a steel coffin.

When the first bombing raids hit the heart of London, the British population changed its opinion on the invention, although the Germans rarely used chemical bombs during the Second World War.

4. Radio-controlled lawnmower

The first Radio Controlled Lawnmower in 1959 (Source: Spectrum)

During the 1950s there were a few prototypes for radio-controlled lawnmowers which at the time seemed like an appealing idea for the market, but people were not yet so lazy or used to technology as much as they are today.

In 1959, a company from England presented their version of the radio-controlled lawnmower within the Chelsea Flower Show where various inventions were shown from around the world. People at the time were very impressed but it was never a big hit. The royal family was very interested in the invention when they saw it for the first time at the Chelsea Flower Show.

The idea of radio-controlled lawnmowers is being reborn today, although the focus has become more on robots using artificial intelligence to cut the grass on their own rather than being controlled.

6. The extreme cigarette holder

Model Frances Richards smokes a pack of cigarettes all on one cigarette holder, c1955 (Source: Youtube)

During the 20th century, smoking became very popular and it actually evolved to be more of a social trend. The normal cigarette holder became popular during the 1920s. In the 1950s an inventor decided to take things to the next level, therefore he created a cigarette holder that could fit an entire pack of cigarettes (18 cigarettes).

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