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orecasting things that will happen in the future is something that is becoming closer to reality although we cannot predict things with certainty. We don’t know how the world will change in the next 20 to 40 years but we all make calculated assumptions.

These assumptions from 5 centuries ago were a lot more difficult to make as the world seemed more predictable because it was much simpler and not contradicted by technology. However, at the same time, there were visionaries through history that had detailed visions of things that had occurred in our present.

The book mentioned in the text and from where the predictions have been taken from (Source: Amazon)

Some may call it just simple coincidences whilst others may say that certain people have the ability to envision the future. The most well-known person for making a bunch of accurate assumptions that came out to be true is Michel de Nostredame also famously known as Nostradamus. He originated from France and his main career was as a pharmacist. Some say that his visions came from an overdose of medicine which could be true.

He loved making assumptions as he developed many visions which he wrote down in a book he published in 1555 entitled “Prophecies of Nostradamus”. Of course, only a few of the numerous predictions he made came true, but even those are impressive for being made five centuries ago.

Here are some of the predictions he made which came true, some of the more interesting ones that seem quite difficult to predict, especially for being around 500 years ahead of time in a totally different world.

Adolf Hitler’s rise

Adolf Hitler during 1938 (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Prediction: “From the depths of West Europe, a boy will be born from poverty. He will seduce a large population with his tongue and his fame will rise all the way to the East. Fears beast full of hunger will traverse rivers and a big part of the world will be against this boy”.

If we break down the prediction we can see that all of this matches perfectly with Hitler’s description based on his life. Hitler was born in Austria which is found in West Europe in a poor family.

His military career during World War I brought him a lot of attention and especially the book he had written later on which brought him a lot of fame. His abilities as an orator helped him indoctrinate the whole German population with his ideology which became popular all around the world.

The rise to the East can either refer to Hitler pushing the German army all the way within the Soviet Union or either allying with Japan during World War II. The feared beast refers to Hitler’s mechanized army that overnight took France by traversing rivers. The last part of the prediction is pretty self-explanatory.

The nuclear bombs launched at Hiroshima and Nagasaki

The cloud smokes left by the atomic bombs launched at Hiroshiman and Nagasaki in 1945 (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Prediction: “Within two cities there will be scourges the like of which was never seen before. Famine within plague will be spread and people put out by steel. “

This prediction best fits the first nuclear attack which took place in August of 1945 when the United States launched two nuclear bombs upon Japan in two major cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The reference to scourage the like which was never seen before refers to the magnitude and velocity of the atomic bombs as this was the first time the world witnessed such a powerful weapon.

Some historians believe that Famine within plague refers to the radiation released by the nuclear bombs, a term which was difficult to describe within the 15th century.

People being put out by steel makes a reference to the B-29 bombers that launched the atomic bombs, therefore killing millions of people.

Assassination of JFK

JFK minutes before his assassination (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Prediction: “The great man will be struck down in the day by a thunderbolt,
An evil deed foretold by the bearer of a petition. A dead innocent will be accused of the deed as the real murderer remains in the mist.”

Historians believe that Nostradamus referring to “petition” refers to the death threats received by JFK during his presidency from numerous parties. Being struck down is him eventually assassinated in 1963.

The dead innocent accused of the deed most probably refers to Lee Harvey Oswald who many people say wasn’t the actual killer. There are too many possibilities of whom the real killer was but just as the prediction says the real murderer will remain in the mist without anyone knowing.

This prediction could refer to other people, but the best match for this prediction is JFK.

Some say that these “predictions” are only crypted poetry that we chose to interpret as the description of present events. This could be very true because as humans we naturally feel to give value to things by associating them with familiar information.

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